Which weight OVObell should I buy?

Which weight OVObell should I buy?

OVObells come in weights ranging from 10 kilograms up to 25 kilograms, increasing in 5 kilogram increments.

Choose a weight based on your fitness level and your training goals. Remember that you’ll be getting stronger as you train with your OVObell, so leave yourself some room to grow!

If you're really stuck, we have a rough guide below,

"I have never exercised before and I have very little experience with movements such as squats, swings, presses or rows. I would consider myself at the start of my fitness journey and I am looking to improve my health."

Male 10kg
Female 10kg


"I am already training but I would not consider myself advanced. I am confident in performing swings, squats, presses and rows. In general, I am in good shape but still improving."

Male 15kg
Female 10kg


"I exercise regularly at a higher intensity. I am confident with basic movements and I have experience of dynamic lifts such as snatches, cleans and jerks. I would consider myself to be in good shape and fit.

Male 20-25kg
Female 15-20kg