The OVObell - 25kg Cosmetic Second

£45.00 £115.00
We currently offer a limited run of 25kg OVObell cosmetic seconds. These are 25kg OVObells that include deeper grind marks (as shown in the image) to the standard OVObell, available at a discounted price.
Contact us if you require further information about our cosmetic seconds.
The OVObell combines the functionality of a dumbbell, a kettlebell and a barbell to give the ultimate in exercise versatility. Switch between the outer handles and the inner centre handle to change your movement focus and effect, without changing equipment.
UK designed and made, we use 95% recycled materials and are cast in a British foundry using 100% renewable energy. Coated in a durable but tactile e-coat finish, our OVObells will stand up to workout after workout.
  • Easily transition between dumbbell, kettlebell and barbell style movements
  • De-clutter your training space or studio with one single effective item
  • Intuitive, non-intimidating design
  • Sustainably produced in the UK
  • Available for immediate dispatch